BoD now also offers its on-demand printing service for publishers in Spain


BoD comes to the Spanish book market as a pioneer and leading European specialist in digital printing. Spain is the ninth European market in which BoD is available to both publishers and authors, and it offers great potential for growth in digitalization. The local distribution partner is Logista Libros.

"We are looking forward to bringing our more than 20 years’ experience to one of Europe's most important publishing markets," says Dr. Gerd Robertz, management spokesman for BoD - Books on Demand. "The Spanish book market is characterized by a high level of returns and large volumes of stock. Thanks to digital printing, it is possible to achieve maximum profitability for any publishing catalog by bringing old titles or out-of-print books from the collection to market. BoD enables publishers to make sustainable and efficient use of their resources while minimizing financial risk."

BoD was founded in 1997 in Germany and also operates in France, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland and Norway. More than 2,600 publishers entrust BoD with over 4 million titles, which are ready to be printed at any time. Their publishing method encompasses national and international distribution in every format from a single copy, including hardcover.

The BoD printing and distribution formula is ideally suited to the needs of the Spanish publishing market. Firstly, there is a clear trend towards online commerce and a preference for first print runs over reprints. Secondly, the overall decline in readership and the progressive concentration of the market are obvious. Moreover, BoD offers a basic tool for the zero-inventory strategy, in which storage costs can be optimized by eliminating stock of titles with very low turnover, without sacrificing availability. 

"Our experience and distribution capacity allow us to lead the response to the needs of our publishers and the market," says Arturo Álvaro, head of projects and sales at Logista Libros, the largest independent book distributor in Spain and a major supplier with more than 4600 points of sale. "On-demand printing is the key to rounding out our distribution service for publishers, focusing on operational and financial security as a guarantee of success. We want to ensure that publishers have all the tools to compete and grow."

About BoD

BoD - Books on Demand is a European pioneer and has been a leading specialist in the field of digital publishing and self-publishing since 1997. The firm now operates in nine countries and actively supports the publishing independence of authors and publishers. It has increased the diversity of titles in the book market through its international on-demand production and distribution from a single copy, as well as e-book publication.

BoD offers publishers and authors an integrated solution for publication of the best quality books from a single copy, in addition to e-books. The multinational is proud of its philosophy of continuous improvement and expansion, positioning itself at the forefront of the market. 

Digital printing with BoD allows publishers to bring their titles to market with no risk and keep them available at all times. Thus, out-of-print titles again become available to readers in the book market, thanks to on-demand printing. BoD is currently the expert partner of more than 45,000 authors and over 2,600 publishers.

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